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Adam vs Galaxy Tab vs iPad: Tablet War Heats Up

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With the launch of Samsung Galaxy Tab and very aggressive pricing announcements for Notion-Ink’s Adam, the Tablet war is  really heating up. Below is a spec-sheet comparing the most talked about tablets in the market. If specifications alone were enough for the success of the device, then Adam seems to be winning hands down. But its fate cannot be predicted till it lands in our (user) hands. But even if you make the assumption that Adam would only be half as good as its specs, combine  it with most attractive pricing with Pixel Qi screen and the wait for Adam seems worthwhile.

Lets us know which Tablet do you think is going to win the race, by leaving a comment.

Apple’s iPad

Samsung Galaxy Tab

Notion-ink Adam

Release date Launched April 3, 2010 September 2, 2010 (Europe) Q4 2010 or Q1 2011
Operating System iOS 4.x Android 2.2 (upgradeable to 3.0) Android 2.2 (rumored to be upgradeable to 3.0)
Screen Resolution 1024×768 1024×600 1024×600
Screen Type 9.7” LED-IPS 7” TFT-LCD 10.0” TFT LCD or 10.1” Pixel Qi Transflective display
CPU 1 GHz Apple A4 1GHz Cortex A8 1 GHz NVidia Tegra Dual Core Cortex A-9
RAM 256 MB 512 MB 1 GB
User Interface (UI) iOS Multitouch Touch Wiz Multitouch Adam Multitouch
Internal Storage 16, 32, or 64 GB not expandable 16 or 32 GB (Expandable via microSD upto 32 GB) 16 or 32 GB (Expandable via microSD upto 32 GB)
GPU Built in Apple A4 PowerVR SGX540 3D Ultra Low Power NVidia Tegra GPU wiith full Flash Acceleration, 3D rendering
Camera Not included 3 MP rear-facing autofocus camera with LED flash, 1.3 MP fron facing camera for video chat 3.2 MP AutoFocus Swivel Camera
Communication Sensor Suit WLAN-802.11 b/g/n
Bluetooth 2.1+EDR
WLAN-802.11 b/g/n
Bluetooth 3.0
WLAN-802.11 b/g/n
Bluetooth 2.1 A2DP
Non-communication Sensor Suit Accelerometer, ambient light sensor


A-GPS 3-Axis accelerometer, ambient light sensor, GPS
Battery Type 25 Whr non-replaceable battery 4000 mAh battery 24 Whr 3 Cell Replaceable Battery
Battery Life Upto 10 hrs video play Upto 7 hrs video play 16 hrs on regular mode, 100+ hrs on Pixel Qi mode
Input/Output Ports Dock connector port
Micro-SIM card tray (3G model only)
30-pin dock connector
MicroSD slot
2 USB + 1 mini USB
MicroSD slot
SIM Card Slot
Docking Port
Audio 3.5-mm headphone jack
Built-in speaker Microphone
Volume keys
3.5-mm headphone jack
and speaker
A volume rocker
3.5-mm headphone jack + microphone jack
Two loudspeaker
Built-in microphone
Volume keys
Keyboard / Mouse On screen keyboard On screen keyboard On screen keyboard
Backside trackbad
Carrier (US) AT & T Rumored (Verizon) Unlocked
Price $499-$699 (Wi-fi Only)

$629-$829 (3G)

$200 to $300 with Carrier Contract ($1000+ in Europe) $399 LCD+WiFi-only
$449 LCD+3G
$449 Pixel Qi+WiFi
$498 Pixel Qi+3G
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7 Comments on “Adam vs Galaxy Tab vs iPad: Tablet War Heats Up”

  • Srikant Aggarwal wrote on 15 September, 2010, 8:59

    From what it seems by the post at Notion Ink Blog, the Adam comes with a replacable Battery.

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  • lifehacker wrote on 15 September, 2010, 9:49

    Yeah I was about to update that info. Thanks Srikant for pointing that out.

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  • zisel wrote on 16 September, 2010, 23:14

    I prefer ipad. Galaxy Tab is just a phone,but ipad not only a big ipod touch, but also a computer. It has almost completely replaced my personal computer. For the things I do… Is is perfect! Much nicer than any CPU I have ever owned. All my other computers would do a lot of things I would never use it for, and do it painfully in the process (slow, buggy, etc.). When you get down to what you do most on you personal computer… the iPad does almost all of the things an average user needs, and with a much much nicer U/I. Easy of use, fast, and efficient. The other computer manufacturers could learn a thing or two from this, but even if they do… they will probably screw-up the one they come out with by adding all the crap back in again. Ugggggg!!!!
    I am sticking with my iPad. I think other will do the same once they try it and realize it is the perfect personal computer :-)
    And let us keep an eye on iFunia ipad column. the third party supply the free recource for download and powerful app for use.

    Like or Dislike: Thumb up 0 Thumb down 0

  • lifehacker wrote on 20 September, 2010, 12:08

    @zisel – Interesting! I finally does boils down to what your computational needs are. If you don’t video conference with your friends and family a lot, and if you don’t have to do any “real work” like do regular word processing, create huge documents using latex, do computer programming and stuff, then certainly iPad seems like an ideal choice. I felt that I could get more done with a cheap $170 Acer netbook than pretty looking ipad. I can even watch live HD TV or my entire movie / video collection via MythTV and XBMC, video conference, work on my thesis using latex. I am waiting to see what all Adam has to offer.

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  • sebastian wrote on 13 November, 2010, 2:45

    it now says on the blog that it’ll have 1gb ram

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  • lifehacker wrote on 13 November, 2010, 7:20

    @sebastian, Does it? I will update it then. Thanks for the correction. Looks like we would get to pre-order Adam soon. :D

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  • sebastian wrote on 13 November, 2010, 17:03

    also Notion Ink Adam now has full gps. should make a difference.

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