Apple iPad and Why iDon’t Like It: True Story of iPad Dude

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Let me put the record straight by saying Apple’s so hailed magical iPad makes no sense to me. To me even the keynote yesterday felt flawed and lackluster. I will try and justify my case, hopefully better than  what S J did yesterday. If not, who cares, it is not exclusive right of Apple to blabber…….

Apple promotes iPad to replace netbooks and e-book readers. S J said a lot of nonsense about these products, I am convinced, iPad apparently is the next big thing. I have to have this one. I shell out $800 for 64GB model, I am sure I need that much space at least. I have to keep my music, photos, videos and take lecture notes, prepare presentations, few ebooks, magazine……

Next morning I go to college, boasting of this cool device, looks pretty, girls around me get excited, I tell them its the next revolutionary product, its magical, its iPad! I couldn’t help but notice a few frowns and next thing I am alone. I guess, it was not to their taste, but whats in the name, its real useful. Lets head for the lecture.

I decide to take down my lecture on iPad. How to I take lecture notes on the iPad? My eyes and hands are trained to type such that screen is right in front of me, look at the board, listen to the speaker and punch the keys. The other intuitive solution is to take notes as if I am writing with a pen in notebook a.k.a stylus. iPad provides me with none of these two options and neither came up with a more intuitive one. Too late, can’t help, guess I will have to change just for the sake of Apple, even if it is not intuitive and user friendly. I think I should buy a cover for iPad made by Apple (should be good) that opens up, tilting the screen making it easier to type. But it might not be very comfortable for taking notes. Moreover, I wonder if it is essential for iPad to work, why should I have to pay extra for it?

Okay let me move on, I missed yesterday’s lecture (was listening to S J live!!) and a colleague offers to share his document with me, how do I put it in my iPad? Oops, no USB port, boy, all people around me need to have SD cards, I just accept SD cards! Since that is not gonna happen, in that case he has to email me the file, I have go home download it on my computer, add it to itunes and sync my files. But hold on, holy crap, it is a pdf. iPad has iphone os, where do I store the pdf? How do I read it? Apple might have issues with adobe, I don’t. 90% of documents which I share with my friends are pdf. There might be an app for it!

By the way, just to let you know, my colleague uses a $200 netbook, he took the lecture same way as I did on my iPad, only much more comfortably and then converted it to pdf and gave me. Who appears ridiculous now? Or may be, it justifies the case for having 3g connection on my iPad as well. (more money, I am already broke not buying the device but buying its accessories!)

Its lunch time, some youtube is always healthy or may be internet radio, plus some newspapers and magazine at the same time, just casual browsing. But apparently, doing it simultaneously is injurious to health, you might feed yourself in to the nostrils as per a recent study at Apple. NO MULTITASKING! What do I do of 10 inches of screen space if I can’t multitask! Well, looking at my sorry face reflecting in it is one option. So yes I am convinced, although I have a device that claims to have a very powerful A4 chip (hiccup, more I read online I find it same as Nvidia Tegra only less capable) from a manufacturer that hopefully has necessary expertise to enable multitasking, take my word, one thing at a time please! Focus!

I have a strong heart and desire to struggle, so I move on with my ‘magical’ iPad to prepare for a seminar presentation next morning. I download iworks app ($$$), make a keynote presentation and a flyer for the seminar. Need to publicize it, print the flyer for the notice boards. But how? No printer support, no usb, no chance for installing printer, it is not osx, this revolutionary device has iphone os. I again have to email the document, find a public computer, download it. Double click……… Oh, it is a pc, the formatting is all screwed up, should have saved a pdf, how? on iPad? Now I realize why people love pdfs. Just to make things worse, my netbook pal is already home, he printed on a network printer, his flyer is on all the notice boards, gives me a call, tries to be sympathetic, I don’t like the tone of his voice, I HATE NETBOOKS (do I?)

After a hard day at work, I return home, need some catching up. Lets chat with friends, WAIT a minute, 21st century gadget, without a camera! I start banging my head against the unibody iPad (it is not that light, man… it hurts)

I have barely recovered from the shock, need to watch some porn online, relax dude, give my brain some break……. WTF, no flash support…… and out it goes my window……. Its so streamlined it flies to the nearest dumpster with minimal effort and guess what 100% recyclable! I love iPad, I meant iDont period!

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