Auto assign profile images on Ubuntu

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When a new user is created in Ubuntu the default profile image is a silhouette. In my opinion an actual image would be better and the reason I say this is because when I see a linux machine with multiple userids the login screen looks awful with all those silhouettes. It turns out the profile image is just a file called “.face” in your home folder. So a simple script that looks for a “.face” file, and, if not found, picks up a random file from the list of choices, and copies it would do the job.
for ii in `ls /home`; do
if [ ! -f /home/$ii/.face ]; then
echo “assigning profile image to $ii ….”;
facefile=$(ls /usr/share/pixmaps/faces/ | sort –random-sort | head -1);
sudo cp /usr/share/pixmaps/faces/$facefile /home/$ii/.face;
sudo chown $ii /home/$ii/.face;
Better still you can include a minor variant of this script in /usr/sbin/adduser and you should get a random image for every time a new user is created.

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