Best Remote Desktop / Multimedia Streaming App for iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad

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Splashtop Remote is the clearly the best and most affordable Remote Desktop App for your iPod Touch / iPhone / iPad. There are plenty of remote desktop apps based on VNC and other protocols. But what Splashtop Remote has taken remote desktop sharing to the next level and it is only priced $0.99 which is should be affordable by any standard!

This is one App that you have been waiting for! So what’s the most remarkable feature of Splashtop Remote? Well, it not just lets you view your remote desktop for both Windows and Mac based system, but it also lets you to “listen” them. This implies that you can (quoted from Splashtop Remote website)

  • Watch videos and play music stored on your PC, whether in iTunes™, Windows® Media Player, or Windows HTPC or XBMC
  • Even watch Live TV using Windows Media Center or XBMC
  • Play games such as Farmville™ or Bloons™
  • Use your regular web browser with Flash
  • Work on documents, including Word, Excel, and Powerpoint
  • Fully control your PC in any way imaginable

The initial setup needed to start using this software is trivial. Just download the remote desktop application for your PC or Mac, install it, setup the security password, so that there is no possibility of any unauthorized access and you are ready.

Launch the iPod / iPhone / iPad and it would automatically detect the available machines on your Network.

The software which is installed on the desktop does lot of video and audio processing to compress data for smooth streaming, therefore it works well only on dual core or better machines. The audio quality received on the iPod was pristine, as good as if, it were residing locally on the device. Video quality is also more than acceptable. You can use standard gestures and standard pitching action to zoom in and out. This is one great little app that opens up tremendous possibilities. I would say it is live TV, live video, live audio streaming app rolled into a remote desktop app for iTouch / iPad / iPhone!

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2 Comments on “Best Remote Desktop / Multimedia Streaming App for iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad”

  • sam matt wrote on 8 December, 2010, 16:47

    The splashtop app is certainly a cool concept, but I’ve heard that it sometimes has issues with lag time if the connection is not via wifi. I’m debating whether it’s worth it, or if I should just stick to my desktop based remote desktop application?

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    lifehacker Reply:

    @sam matt, I cannot test it for 3G as I don’t have an iPhone, and on AT&T 3G I bet there would be plenty of lag :P. But on Wifi I certainly believe this application has tremendous potential.

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