Black Friday Tips: What to Buy This Thanksgiving!

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Thanksgiving is round the corner and everybody is looking forward to the Black Friday deals. The focus for us (read geeks) is of course the tech stuff. So lets look at the ways to get the best out of this Thanksgiving.  I would also recommend some of the products which I think would be hot grabs this time around.

Tip #1: Plan ahead

This is most important. By planning ahead I mean that you should set your sights on the products you want to buy and do a research on its price beforehand. I mean if you don’t know the price of a commodity beforehand, how would you be able to tell if it is a hot buy? Don’t blindly assume that all that is sold in stores or online on the Thanksgiving day is a deal. Well it is not. In fact I have noticed that some of the prices are jacked beforehand to make it appear like a deal. So, do your homework and know the regular  non-deal prices beforehand. Also fix your budget so that you don’t end-up over spending.

Tip #2: Subscribe!

The key to knowing the hottest deals is to subscribe to your favorite seller’s RSS feed or to join its Facebook fan page or to keep an eye on their Twitter page. It is the best way to know about the deals before they get posted. Last year all the Newegg deals were posted on their Facebook page make it very easy to know what to order. They had even posted the timings when the deals were supposed to become live. It was very convenient. But remember, these deals would get posted a day or two before Friday, so be prepared then!

Tip #3: Store vs Online

If you really like the thrill of standing in long queues in the cold winter (especially if you are on East Coast), then probably store is your thing. But, I think the deals online are equally attractive and far more convenient to get. And more often than not, you save on Sales Tax as well, if you buy from Newegg and Amazon etc. You just have to look at right place and you can team up with your friends to do online deal hunting, so that you don’t miss anything. The key to online deals is to start early and keep a close watch at various deal sites. We would be posting our selections too, the hottest of hot deals and no dummy deals!

Tip #4: Deals and Hot Deals

Well there are deals and then there are hot deals! You can get year round deals, but the hot deals during Black Friday beats the best prices you would find for another year or what were seen since last thanksgiving. So, you must isolate such deals from “regular” deals which you can grab anytime of the year. Once again the key is to plan ahead and be informed about the prices!

Hot products this Black Friday!

Apart from the regular deals on TVs, and Monitors, and Laptops  and so on, here is what I think would be commodities to watch out for!

1. Solid state drives: 60-64 GB in a regular deal sells close to $100, if you see any in the range of $70 then thats a hot deal! Similarly for 120GB SSD, anything below $150 would be golden. SSDs are now becoming increasingly affordable, so they are certainly going to be hot selling product this time, and if you are wondering if they are any good! Well they certainly are, worth every cent!

2. Computer Memory and digital Memory: The RAM and flash memory prices are already at the lowest point in a long time (I have been following them). So except some amazing deals on them. Stock them up for your future use, as their prices have nowhere to go, but up! 4GB RAM sticks are selling for $60 or so already, and 2GB for $30 or so. So be aware!

3. Blu-ray burners: Expect some good deals on them.

There would be some more, that I must have missed, feel free to share your views on them! Thanks in advance.

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