Clean/Fresh Install Using Windows 7 Upgrade License!

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The Windows 7 upgrade disk is not bootable, and one needs to be running an old version of Windows to be able to install Windows 7 off an upgrade disk. I bought a Windows 7 upgrade disk from my University, and my laptop had a legitimate Windows XP Media Center license, but the darn XP had crashed during some update and it won’t boot (Windows update mechanism still sucks). So if I wanted to use the update disk I would have to reinstall Windows XP MC first (which used to take 1.5 hrs on my laptop), and then install Windows 7. I didn’t have that much time to waste, so I borrowed a friends Windows 7 retail DVD and went ahead with the fresh installation, just used the license key from my upgrade disk and I was good to go.

You can do the same if you are stuck in a situation like this. If you can’t find a friend to borrow a disk from, you can take internet’s help and get hold of a retail disk image. I hope you know what it means… 😉 Heard of something called torrent.


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