Cross-Platform Music and Photo Sharing – Simplify Media (Windows 7/Snow Leopard/Ubuntu 9.10)

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Update: Simplify Media would no longer be developed or supported by its developers. So instead consider Subsonic, which offers lot more possibilities than Simplify.

Consider the situation around me; I have a Windows based PC in the office, a personal Mac running Snow Leopard and a Windows 7 based HTPC at home which primarily houses all my multimedia. Add to the list an iphone. My friends run Ubuntu 9.10 and have ipod touch as well. How can I share music and photos among all these platforms? Clearly copying the files to all the platforms is out of question.

The answer is amazingly simple: Simplify Media.

Simplify Music is a cross-platform freeware that allows you to share your library with your multiple computers, friends and streaming music to your ipod touch and iphone even over edge and 3G. The app for iphone/ipod is not free though :(.

Screenshot2009-12-22at9.05.14PM4.png Screenshot2009-12-22at9.05.25PM4.png Screenshot2009-12-22at9.05.38PM4.png

Once you run the application, you will be asked to create a free account. Follow the steps given in the link below:

Instructions for Windows Instructions for Mac Instructions for Ubuntu

You are now ready to share music and photo among your multiple computers and your friends without worrying about the OS!

However, the Simplify Media isn’t very stable while running on Ubuntu 9.10, as reported by lifehacker who tested it with Karmic, he however found a workaround. He installed the Simplify server on a windows machine in his network and enabled UPnP for the same. With that his Rhythmbox was able to detect the shared music available through Simplify and was able to listen to them without any trouble. I am going to test it myself and give a detailed feedback in this regard. Simplify Media rocks!!

Update on support for Ubuntu 9.10 Karmic Koala (32 bit), Simpify Media updated its server software on Jan 7th, and now is seems very stable on Ubuntu 9.10, and integration with Rhythmbox is working perfectly fine at least with the uPnP plugin of Rhythmbox. You would have to patch it however before the plugin starts to work by following the procedure described on Simplify Media website. We would be testing it with Debian and Karmic 64 bit soon, and report of the situation soon. You gotta give it a try, it sure is an awesome program.

If you don’t see the album art while playing music, don’t worry. From the publisher’s weblog: We learned that two of our features, album art on the iPhone and password reset, weren’t scalable, so we disabled these. If you have forgotten your password, email us from the address associated with your screen name.

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