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Easily Backup Network Share for Windows 7 in Linux (Ubuntu)

While there are plenty of programs and options out there that let you backup data across different platforms like Bacula, BackupPc etc. Their setup is usually far too cumbersome for a regular user. I use my *nix box for my backup tasks. But I have a Windows 7 PC which has all the raw images from my SLR and my mp3 collection, both of which I want to be backed up. In addition my work PC runs Ubuntu as well, I have been looking for an easy to use solution that would let me backup both my Ubuntu as well as Windows data in progressive manner without much fuss.

Once again luckyBackup comes to the rescue. luckyBack is an Ubuntu tool which lets to backup local as well as remote files over SSH  in a progressive manner (only the updated data is backed up). I have discussed how to use luckyBack for Ubuntu here [1]. However, it doesn’t support Samba out of the box. But it can be used to back up shared files on your windows machine over the network. The trick lies in mounting the Samba share locally, as described here [2].

Once you have mounted windows network share using smbfs as local folder. You can trick luckyBackup to backup remote files as it can’t tell whether the mounted files are local or remote. I used this trick to backup 12000+ songs i.e. over 80 GB of data over night. From next time onwards it won’t be this long as only the new files would be copied.

Couple of screenshots are included below for reference.