Enable Gnome-shell 3D Desktop Effects in Virtualized Fedora 16

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Due to a bug Gnome3 doesn’t load by default and only the failsafe Gnome 2 loads everything. However to enable Gnome3 or the Gnome shell with 3D effects in Fedora 16 guest installed using Virtualbox, you need to do the following:

1. After installing Fedora 16 Verne, install theĀ  guest additions as described here.

2. Disable SELinux within Fedora as described here.

3. Enable 3D Acceleration in VirtualBox Virtual Machine setting as shown below

4. Finally run one of the following commands to bring up the Gnome-shell. Both are only temporary solutions.

gnome-shell --replace &


nohup gnome-shell --replace &

The first command would work only till the terminal you ran it in remains open. Second command would run even if the terminal is closed, however it would create a file called “nohup.out” with all the screen outputs, you can delete it later on. I prefer the second approach over the first.

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3 Comments on “Enable Gnome-shell 3D Desktop Effects in Virtualized Fedora 16”

  • Curtis wrote on 9 May, 2012, 18:41

    Why can’t you just redirect the output of nohup to /dev/null? Like so…
    $ nohup gnome-shell –replace >/dev/null &

    Wouldn’t that take care of the log file? Anyway, I was definitely wondering about this when I was running f16 in virtualbox, since other distros’ 3d ran fine. I must say, I do rather like Fedora though… I’m trying out the redhat side of things, since I usually go for debian stuff.


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