How To Easily Share Your Wired or Wireless Connection in Ubuntu 11.04

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This is applicable to most recent versions of Ubuntu like Ubuntu 11.04, 10.10, 10.04 etc.  A time may come in every computer’s  life when he / she has to share his / her internet connection  with another computer. I am not saying that one does this for fun, but you never know what life throws at you and you might be forced to share an internet connection via a second Wireless or Wired connection.

Enough of joking around, well I now live at a place where I am forced to live behind proxy servers and authenticated internet gateways, these have taken a toll on my Xbox 360 Slim which can no longer connect to Xbox Live. I shouldn’t be complaining about using 10 Mbit line, but then there are no free lunchs. Work around seems to be simple all I need to do is to make Xbox 360 use shared internet connection with my Ubuntu desktop, which means that I access the proxy or authenticaed gateway via my desktop’s ethernet or wireless connection and then Xbox connects to the desktop via another ethernet port.

Here is a simple step-by-step guide on how to share your wireless or ethernet connection via your other wireless or ethernet port in Ubuntu. If you want to share you wireless, all you need is a free available wired LAN / ethernet port. In my case I bought another PCI LAN card like any of these to have a spare LAN port.

Step 1:

In your top panel i.e. right top corner, beside your clock and your system icons, you’ll see your network indicator (I am assuming you are using Gnome). When you’re connected to wireless, it shows bars telling you the strength of your network connection, for ethernet connections it shows up down arrows. Right-click this, then click “Edit Connections.”


Step 2: Edit Network Connections

This would pop open a box like this

In the window you just opened, make sure you’re looking at the “Wired” tab. Then select the “Auto eth0” or ” Auto eth1″ connection and click “Edit.” or  you can create a new connection by clicking “Add”.

I prefer editing the default connection to what I want. Just be sure to remember that you changed this setting in case you ever want to use your Ethernet port to access the Internet again, because you will have to change it back to the way it was.

Step 3: Edit Connection Method

When you click edit tab you would see something like this:

Now hit the tab that says IPV4 Settings and beside the word Method: there is a drop-down menu that allows you to pick the manner in which your Ethernet device connects to the network. Select the Shared to other computers setting.

Now click apply. With this you are ready to share your existing wireless or wired connection via another wired connection to a second device. So now plug-in Xbox 360 or whatever device you need to share your connection with via regular ethernet cable (no you don’t need the crossed over cable) and choose the edited network connection from the drop down menu of network connection shown in the top right corner. Thats it.

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