How To Install Jolicloud on VirtualBox

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Jolicloud is a cloud based OS (sweet combination of Chrome OS concept and Ubuntu distro) and as per the developers “Jolicloud is not a traditional OS. It was build for netbook users to leverage the Cloud and make their life easier”. Well, I don’t have a netbook but the prospects of cloud computing look attractive. So to give it a test drive, I decided to install the OS on Sun VirtualBox!

Pre – installation requirement

  1. Download the Sun VirtualBox from the download page for your operating system.
  2. Download the bootable disk of Jolicloud OS. At this moment only bittorrent downloads are available. You can use torrent client of your choice, possibly utorrent (win) or transmission (unix).
  3. Since the OS is designed to run on netbooks, the system requirements are not high. I guess atleast 4 GB free hard drive space, 1 GB ram and a decent processor P4 should be okay.

Install Virtual Box

*You can skip this step if you already have virtual box installed.
For Ubuntu users, see the instructions here.
For Windows and intel Mac users, the process is very straight forward. Double click the installer and choose the location as per your needs.

Installing Jolicloud

  1. Launch Virtual box and click on New icon in the top bar. You see the screen below, enter the details as shown. You can enter details as it suits your needs.







wpid-install_7-2010-08-4-21-324.jpg wpid-install_8-2010-08-4-21-324.jpg

Finally we have configured virtual box to install Jolicloud! Yours should look something like this:


Press the start button and specify the location of the bootable iso disk. Virtual box does an excellent job of guiding us through installation process.

wpid-install_11-2010-08-4-21-324.jpg wpid-install_12-2010-08-4-21-324.jpg

Add the location of the bootable disk location.

wpid-install_14-2010-08-4-21-324.jpg wpid-install_16-2010-08-4-21-324.jpg

We are all set! Click finish and the OS installation begins.


Create a new user when prompted or sign in using your Facebook credentials. Here we see for the first time, the default browser is Chromium. Post installation, you can have browser of your choice.

wpid-install_19-2010-08-4-21-324.jpg wpid-install_20-2010-08-4-21-324.jpg


You can try the OS pre installing, just like the regular ubuntu distro. Lets go ahead and install it. It will take sometime depending on your hardware config.

wpid-install_26-2010-08-4-21-324.jpg wpid-install_27-2010-08-4-21-324.jpg


wpid-install_30-2010-08-4-21-324.jpg wpid-install_31-2010-08-4-21-324.jpg




Once you reboot, sign in with your system username and password (and not your Jolicloud account).

wpid-install_39-2010-08-4-21-324.jpg wpid-install_40-2010-08-4-21-324.jpg

Just to familiarize the interface, Add is to install new applications, and then four tabs for Installed Applications, friends, folders and settings. At this point lets install the Vbox addons so that we can view the OS full-screen. Go to Device > Addons. click on the folders tab and launch the addons icon. A familiar file browser same as that in Ubuntu shows up. Click on the in x86 folder and run in the terminal. Now you will be prompted to enter the admin password which is same as the one you logged in at the login screen above.

wpid-install_41-2010-08-4-21-324.jpg wpid-install_42-2010-08-4-21-324.jpg

wpid-install_43-2010-08-4-21-324.jpg wpid-install_45-2010-08-4-21-324.jpg


Thats is! We can now run the OS full screen with complete functionality. Come back to read the review of the OS in few days, but from the initial looks of it, I think its going to be awesome!

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