Install Fedora 13 Goddard without LVM with Separate /home

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While LVM has its advantages, it can be an impediment for several other purposes. This tutorial is going to tell you how to install Fedora 13 Goddard using Fedora Live CD without LVM. We would use this tutorial to make a Fedora+Ubuntu dual boot system with shared /home and Swap partitions.

You start by downloading and burning the Live CD from If you don’t want to waste a CD for this possible one time use, you can use a standard USB drive to make it bootable as described here. Now boot the system to launch the Fedora installer

After booting from the live CD start the Fedora installer by double clicking the Install to Hard Drive icon.

Choose your language on the next screen

Now select the Basic Storage Device for the installation device option.

Type in the host name you want to use for your system, and in the next screen you would be asked to choose your time zone followed by the password for the Super User (root)

Now comes the important part, when asked for which type of installation would you like, choose the last option to Create Custom Layout.

We are going to create our own partition layout.

Use the Create button to start creating partitions for your Fedora installation, choose Standard Partition on the next screen

Now enter the size of the partition you want to create for the “/” partition, this is where all your system files are going to be, typically 8-10 GB should be good enough, but if you have a bigger hard drive, you can go for a larger partition size (10-20 GB). Make sure you choose “/” in the Mount Point option.

Hitting OK would show you a screen like this

Hit Create button again to create “/home” partition.

Go ahead and create the Swap partition as well using the same approach. Just make sure that the space you allocate for Swap is more than the total capacity of RAM installed on your machine, else the computer won’t go in to hibernation. Note there is no mount point for swap.

You should see something like this after you are done creating all the partitions. I have some free space still available, which I am going to use for some other purpose.

Hit the next button to apply changes to the disk.

Click next to begin the installation process, let it finish and restart and you are all set with Fedora 13 with custom partition layout, no LVM, and you can even go ahead and dual boot Fedora with Ubuntu, which is quite simple and coming up in my next post.

At the first boot you would be asked to create users for the system, and that should be all, you would be booting in to your customized Fedora installation.

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