Installs or Update Multiple Linux Distros from One Disc Using NetbootCD

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Tired of downloading and burning different Linux Distros every time you want to try something new or at times when you have to update your system. The solution comes as NetbootCD, which allows you to download the latest versions of 7 distros directly from the disc, given you have network connection available.

According to the NetbootCD website:

NetbootCD is a GNU/Linux live CD based on Tiny Core Linux. The live CD allows the user to download and run one of several Linux netboot installers, which can install a full GNU/Linux system with only a hard drive and Internet connection.

As of version 4.5, NetbootCD supports the installation of following Linux distributions from the CD / USB drive with bootable NetbootCD:

The idea of having one disc for multiple versions of Linux and that NetbotCD will always download the newest version certainly appeals to me in a big way. Also if you are familiar with using UNetbootin then you don’t even have to waste a single CD rom burning a linux image ever.

I would recommend that you download the NetbootCD-4.5+TinyCore.iso (37MB) which includes the support for wireless cards, however if you want to rely on wired connection, NetbootCD 4.5 (10MB) would be adequate.

NetbootCD presents you with the following set of installation choices.

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