Stream Live TV to Several Computers on LAN

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Streaming of Live TV to multiple computers can be done easily using MythTV on Linux platform (Windows users might want to try Media Portal, which is not yet fully compatible with Windows 7, and I was not able to get it working with my Windows 7 setup, but some users have had some success in achieving that).

I am not talking about streaming  recorded TV or already existing video. The idea is to stream live tv feed that you get using your TV Tuner card. The solution lies in MythTV. A state-of-art Free Personal Video Recorder, which allows one to setup the computer with the TV tuner card, as a master backend server and then it is possible to use any number of front ends (laptops, desktops etc) to watch live TV. If you have only one tuner card, you can watch only one channel at a time from all front ends, but if you add more than one Tuner, you can have different channels playing at different frontends. The front end runs well, off even the old laptops, so you can recycle that old computer lying around in your house. The setup of MythTV, contrary to popular belief, is very simple and straight forward. All you need is a Linux compatible tuner card and some familiarity with Linux. The installation of MythTV on most of the popular *nix distros like Ubuntu and Fedora is trivial and all MythTV packages which can be installed with ease using the default software manager,there are even prepackaged spin-offs for the two called MythDora and Mythbuntu. The entire setup involves two steps, each of which have been described in two separate posts linked below.

Step 1. Procedure to setup single master backend server with one frontend client for the computer with TV Tuner card is explained here.

Step 2. Procedure to setup multiple frontends for an existing backend is explained here.

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