Stream Multimedia from Linux Box (Enable UPnP on Ubuntu 10.04)

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Earlier I had discussed how to steam multimedia from a windows PC to *nix machines. Now I am going to talk about the reverse scenario, e.g. I have a MythTV linux box setup using Ubuntu Lucid Lynx (would work for Ubuntu 10.10 Maverick too) and I want to share my media library and TV recordings with my Windows 7 machine.

While several solutions could be possible, one easy and elegant solution lies in  the UPnP server. Even though MythTV has inbuilt UPnP server, its functionality is rather limited and is not mature enough to be relied upon as a dedicated media server. This is where MediaTomb comes to the rescue. Installation and basic configuration is very easy. Install by

sudo apt-get install mediatomb

Once the installation is over, launch it from the Programs menu, it would open up a browser window like this

Now to choose the content you want to share via the UPnP server click on the Filesystem link.  It would open a Folder Tree of the file system on your machine. Now browse to the folder that you want to add by click on the folder name in the directory tree on the left. Now to add the chosen folder just click the add button as shown below

Server would then scan and add all the supported content to its library. Repeat the same steps for all the folders you want to add. In addition if you want the directory contents to be set for auto scan, click the (+) button and set the rescan time and type for that folder.

It might take a while before all the media gets added to the library, a message would be displayed near the top left corner of the web page indicating that the folder is being added. Once the folder has been added, it should automatically show up in the Windows Media Player shared library. If you want a better interface with the capability to control the media using an IR remote, then you can use XBMC and add MediaTomb server as an UPnP source.

To ensure that the MediaTomb starts automatically at the system startup, launch the Startup Program manager from ( System→Preferences→Startup Applications)

Click “Add” and then add the following details in the box and save it

Name: Mediatomb , Command: mediatomb -d

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