Super Cheap DIY Homemade HTPC Computer Case

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I needed a computer case. but didn’t want to invest any money in it as I would be making a long distance journey in near future and won’t be able to lug the heavy case along. DIY solution comes to the rescue. Computer case made of cardboard box! This is built for my test HTPC which I had discussed here.

I did buy a 500W power supply for $25, and I had a spare computer case 80 mm fan lying around which is available for $2 on newegg. Putting together the case took me nearly half-an-hour. Since it is a temporary solution, I didn’t put much effort in the workmanship and didn’t try to make it look nice. But hey it is works. Oh yeah it doesn’t have a on-off switch right now, I just use a well insulated screw-driver to turn it on. Since, I intend to keep it on all the time, it would be in standby when not in use, it is not an issue for me. Check it out how it looks 😀 The box is the one which was used to deliver the power-supply, and also note that the power supply and hard drive are lying on top of the make shift case. I screwed in the 80 mm fan, and made slits in the wall across it, I further made slits on the two adjacent walls for taking out the IDE and SATA cables and for the MOBO connection ports. Case seems well ventilated with CPU idling at cool 32-34 degrees. If you have an old power supply and fan lying around then building this case is not going to cost you a dime.

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  • renu wrote on 30 December, 2009, 19:20

    very creative and very useful especially in the times of recession

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